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So you want to know more about Neo Hasidic Spirituality?

Welcome to the landing page for Congregation Yeshivat Tzion. We're really excited to see that you've come to visit but the question still remains, 

Do you want to know more about Neo Hasidic Spirituality, the Goal of Creation, Physical Immortality, and more? If so, here is what you can do: Connect to one of the Rabbis in the Book Online section after searching this website, become a student via online classes after contacting one of the Rabbis in the Contact section, Subscribe to our channel and watch the D'var Torah videos on the weekly Torah portions from Rebbe Moshe (Donations accepted), & subscribe to our weekly newsletters!  

Well now it's time to explore everything else we have to offer here! Click around, find some information and get in touch with us using the Contact section! Congratulations on starting a journey that will change the way you live your life, forever!



Student Portal

Explore the Integral Educational programs of the Neo Hasidic lifestyle



The A.R.T.S

Find out more about our elevating music and audio torah readings available



More information and insight on Zionism and what it means to be a Zionist.

Prison Ministry

Tzion's Jews Behind the Wall Program! How you can help?


Neo Hasidic International

Learn how to Move in Harmony with a Growing Collective Movement




Find out how to be apart of a great Mitzvah(Good Deed) by feeding and clothing those in need!

Todah Rabbah (Thanks a lot) to our supporters!

 Miriam Bhat Moshe (Karina Wilson)

Daniel Ben Benjamin-El (Pinchas Ben Moshe)

Yitzchaq Ben Moshe (Tzadik Zera Ysrael)

Levy Ben Moshe (Maurice McGee)

Yissacar Ben Moshe (Ronald Weaver)

Shlomit Bat Moshe

Rachel Bat Moshe

Ephraim Ben Moshe

Ithamar Ben Moshe

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